Join Webfoot Willie, a pre-adolescent frog, on five delightful adventures! Along with his friends in Frogville, Leapiana, USA (United States of Amphibia), Willie manages to find troubles at each stop from Skull Island to a haunted mansion to being washed away in a hurricane to escapades with his new skateboard, and wanting a ''Webfoot Willie Centered'' Christmas. Fortunately, while troubles seem to find him, Willie always learns a valuable lesson through prayer, friends, and wise parental advice. (Each book contains a CD, with the entire story, narrated by author Rich Odom, including sound effects, background music, and a Webfoot Willie song!  Webfoot Willie's Trip to Skull Island, Webfoot Willie and the Haunted House, Webfoot Willie's Bofus Washed Away!, Webfoot Willie's New Skateboard, and Webfoot Willie's Christmas Dream).

Webfoot Willie's 5 Book Collection